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Postby Pip » Wed Feb 17, 2021 10:11 am

OK guys, here's your chance. You can literally ask me anything about the site or designing covers or even anything related to that.

If I can't answer your question you will have access to those who can.

Site issues will mostly be answered by me or one of the other two owners. A tech issue possibly by our webmaster if he thinks necessary if we can't answer.

Design questions, if it is anything I can help with I'll answer or pass it to someone who can. Don't think you may be asking a stupid question, we've all been there and the design community is always willing to help and give guidance to anyone who wishes to get involved.

One final thing to bear in mind. Every cover and label available to you here someone has spent time designing for you to download freely. Show your appreciation and leave at least a thank you comment when you download.
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If you like my covers, please leave a comment.

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