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Head 2 Head Comp Challenge Information

Postby Wrench » Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:52 pm

Put up a Challenge to go Head 2 Head with any taker.


You could challenge another member specifically but that is not recommended unless you know that person is interested, so best to ask first.
The time frame for the Showdown will be two weeks if both entries are received prior to the deadline then voting will begin at that point and voting runs for 5 days.


1. If a member accepts, he posts a response and selects the genre (challenger does not get to pick).
2. Within 24 hours of someone accepting, you both will be given four titles in that genre by the Contest Manager to choose from, if the Contest Manager is in the Showdown then a Admin will select the titles.
3. You both must agree on the same title from that list of four.
4. If you can't agree on the same title, the Contest Manager or Admin will pick one or if they want they may ask another member to pick one from the list.

1. Limit of one(1) open/active Showdown at a time.
2. Keep it friendly. However, friendly trash talking is encouraged.
3. No using ours or any other sites WIP.
4. Cover can not have been posted on any other site prior to the vote.
5. Covers must be uploaded to Uncovered at the completion of the challenge and may not be uploaded here or elsewhere before the close of voting.
6. Don't abuse the Showdown system by making repetitive challenges give others a chance or at least wait thirty days between challenges.
7. A challenge will remain open until an acceptance occurs or until four weeks have expired.

Have any questions PLEASE PM mywrench

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